I'm new! What is this all about anyway?


Pilates is exercise. There's nothing mysterious, cultish, or exotic about it. You can do some of it anywhere (mat work) and a lot of it on Pilates apparatus.  All you have to be ready to do is move your body and use your brain.

What on earth should I wear?


You definitely don't need a hat, but you should wear socks.  Soft and stretchy is always a good idea, but please no zippers, as they dent the upholstery. Can you move in it? You can probably do Pilates in it. No shoes. 

I've done Pilates other places. What's different about you?


Fair question. Pilates teachers are all different, even if we share the desire to help you achieve your fitness goals. One difference is I speak a lot of fitness languages; I am comfortable on a triathlon or running race course, I am comfortable in a barre class, I understand the gym, and I can talk anatomy. I have a solid, deep background in classical Pilates and am also familiar with most other Pilates lineages. So come on over and take a lesson.

Will I get taller?


Let me say: I'm not magical. Pilates will give you back your full height and you will FEEL taller. I mean, dude here CAN reach the dishwasher now, and he lives pretty close to the studio.

I want results NOW. How soon will I notice them- can it be yesterday?


I want results for you too! We have that  in common.  You should feel pretty great after your first session. If you are able to come once a week, you will feel a little better each time. If you can make it twice a week, you may see and feel changes after 4-6 weeks. Remember to keep doing everything you love doing, allow for a rest day here and there, and practice proper recovery, nutrition, hydration,  and sleep

I'm not flexible. Should I even try Pilates?


YES. If anything, Pilates is MADE FOR YOU.  It's infinitely adaptable to all levels of flexibility and ability. The stretch is inherent in the work.