How We Pilates


Your teacher.

 Mimosa grew up in Austin, Texas and has lived in New York since 1996. She graduated the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and Allied Health Sciences in 1997 and earned her New York State license to practice the same year. She graduated Hunter College with a degree in English and Chemistry in 2001. Back pain led her to her first Pilates lesson in 2000. Mimosa took frequent lessons with Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia-Santo, and trained frequently at re:AB Pilates and Tribeca Bodyworks (now Real Pilates). 

In 2003 she certified with the Pilates Studio of New York, and in 2004 she earned her certification with Romana’s Pilates. Mimosa became a sought after teacher at re:AB and as Program Director, ran both Brooke Siler’s teacher training program and coordinated the studio’s continuing education. She trained as a vinyasa yoga teacher with OM in 2006. Mimosa created anatomy and injury workshops for re:AB and Heart & Soul Pilates in Williamsburg, maintains her practice as a licensed massage therapist, and is a personal trainer certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and National Academy of Sports Medicine. Mimosa takes her own Pilates lesson in Midtown every week, which says a LOT about how great that studio is, because she doesn't love Midtown.

In addition to teaching, she is an avid distance runner, a weightlifter, a triathlete and a mom of 2, which is basically harder than all that other stuff. She'll try anything related to fitness. That's what Pilates does for you.

Pilates and Contrology

Joseph Pilates, namesake

 Joseph Pilates was born in the early 1880s near Dusseldorf, Germany. An unhealthy child, he was determined to rehabilitate himself, so he studied every form of physical conditioning he could discover. 

What's in a name

 He was developing the exercises that would become what we now call Pilates, calling them, over his lifetime, Contrology. Including the system on the wide range of apparatus he designed and built, there are more than 300 unique exercises. 

There's a lot of Pilates out there

Until you have tried the real stuff, you really don't know what you are missing. Of course I want you to come to my studio. I also want you to JUST DO PILATES. So if you are far away, or too far for NYC convenience, drop me a line. I can send you to other great people.  I can also recommend Pilatesology for beautiful classical workouts you can follow and stream at your convenience.